In 1997, based on two strong recommendations, I retained Larry Udell to assess the patentability, licensing, and market potential for an innovative trampoline safety net system I had recently invented. Within days after meeting with our small team, he reported his findings and surprised us by concluding that we should go it alone rather than license the technology. His assessment included market research, a basic strategic plan, a review of our strengths and weaknesses as a management team, financial considerations, and pitfalls. This meeting served as a foundation for launching our new venture. During the past twelve years, Larry has served Jump-Sport as a member of our Board of Directors and chairman of our Advisory Board. His diligence, seasoned advice, and mentorship have been instrumental in helping us overcome the many trials we faced along the way.
Today, Jump-Sport is one of the fastest growing small companies in the U.S., and our profits have soared over the past few years. Jump-Sport’s success testifies to Larry’s ability to accurately assess and motivate entrepreneurs, as well as nurture their professional development with his business acumen and technology transfer know-how. Larry is an unassuming, gregarious and affable individual; he has an outstanding work ethic and a breadth of experience and knowledge that have served the needs of the intellectual property community for decades. MARK PUBLICOVER Chairman /CEO www.jumpsport.com, Saratoga, CA


Larry Udell is an extraordinary individual with decades of experience in teaching and mentoring generations of American inventors and innovators. His vast knowledge in the field, his incredible energy and unlimited enthusiasm, his gracious demeanor, and his depth of wisdom and excellent judgment make him unique. CHARLES GLASSER, retired President, John F. Kennedy University


Over the past twenty-five years I have worked with Larry Udell on a number of projects involving mentoring and promoting inventors. He is a hardworking advocate for a strong patent system. Larry is an organizer who has worked hard within organizations to support the patent system and independent inventors on both a local and international basis. JAMES L. FERGASON, President, Fergason Patent Properties, LLC – Inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame in 1998 and recipient of the Lemelson-MIT Prize in 2006 having been nominated by Larry Udell


Without exaggeration, Larry Udell has unequalled experience working with independent inventors and small businesses as they develop new products. Over his long career, he has guided scores of people through every stage of new product development and understands the value of strong intellectual property protection as a business asset. He has counseled inventors who brought their products to market with both licensing and starting their own business ventures. He understands the business of new product development from all sides, the licensor, the licensee and the entrepreneur. JOANNE HAYES-RINES, President, Inventors’ Digest.


For over 20 years I have worked, co-authored, taught, mentored and travelled with Mr. Larry Udell. His quest to provide the inventor with a working knowledge of business is the best possible solution to the quagmire of confusion and misinformation that surrounds commercializing an idea. It has been my pleasure to work with him while learning from him as well. He recognizes innovation and knows what to do with it. His resume and track record proves this. His most admirable characteristic is his quick to respond, dedicated follow up and unyielding assistance to anyone who asks.
Probably his most valuable contribution is his remarkable ability to foster innovation by providing platforms to assemble, exchange information and learn from each other. From starting the Center for New Venture Alliance and founding the most successful chapter of the Licensing Executive Society to starting the California Invention Center and fostering innovation through incubators, Mr. Udell has helped thousands to advance their projects. A professor for several leading universities he is not lost in rhetoric and academia. His 50 years in the inventor trenches eminently qualifies Larry Udell as the leading Inventor-Mentor. BILL SEIDEL, CEO, America-Invents.